monitoring systems

Failure-free-power supply by monitoring the electrical values

The residual and operating current monitoring system can avoid faults in the power supply and increase system and fire protection by early warning.

The monitoring devices connected to a fail-safe bus system detect all relevant currents and display them independent from the location.

The maintenance staff will be informed at the PC or by E-mail before any system failure. Requirements can be fulfilled according to the German accident prevention regulation DGUV regulation 3 (formerly BGV A3).

We deliver

  • Multi-channel residual current monitoring devices, AC/DC sensitive or for pulse alternating current
  • Multi-channel residual and operating current monitoring devices
  • Operating and annunciator terminal as well as data nodes for the establishment of the monitoring system

Your advantages

  • System errors are displayed and signaled by an early warning
  • Avoiding of plant failures, thus increasing the availability of the plants
  • Localisation of faulty outputs or consumers
  • Less effort in troubleshooting and repair
  • Comfortable monitoring and parameterisation solution, easy to handle
  • Staff with special knowledge is not required

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