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With our numerous planning tools, we support you in the planning of switchgears, point heating systems, IT system distribution boards and individual devices

Our planning tools at a glance:

Planning tool “Electric point heating system – System WHVI®”

Download the latest version of the “interactive planning tool for electricAL point heatings”. Registered users are given the opportunity to use this planning tool online. The free registration takes a few minutes and your account is released within few time.

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Planning tool “Low-voltage switchgear system GNS 5.1”

The GNS 5.1 low-voltage switchgear system is a standard solution in building and industrial technology for nominal currents up to 6,300 A. This planning tool allows the online planning of installations for typical applications up to a nominal current of 4,000 A. Switchgear assemblies over 4,000 A or with project-specific requirements are individually planned by our project planning.

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Planning tool “IT system distribution boards”

IT system distribution boards are used to supply locations of group 2 which must have protective insulation with insulation monitoring and can be equipped with an insulation fault detection system in the event of the first fault for quick troubleshooting. They supply for example intensive care units and operating rooms. After selection of the hospital station (ICU or OP), the number of patient stations and a transformer suitable for you, an IT system distribution board of ESA Elektroschaltanlagen Grimma GmbH meeting your requirements is suggested. By clicking on it, you can request a quotation.

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Planning tool “Digital input/output device MPM 12-2”

Use this online planning tool if you want to use a digital I/O device of type MPM 12-2 in stand-alone mode (without CAN-bus connection) for lighting control with dimming functions. With this online tool, the necessary DIP switch settings can be determined quickly depending on the external circuitry and the desired functions. If you only want to use the MPM 12-2 logic functions in stand-alone mode (“interlocking component”), you can also define these functions here. With a mouse click, you will get an offer and you can print your configuration.

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