BPS systems

Reliable power supply for medical devices and surgical lights


to protect the patients, ensure the supply safety (class 0.5 or less) for certain areas of battery-based central power supply systems (BPS)

In case of failure or interruption of the general power supply, the supply via the battery-based central power supply (BPS) is ensured for the period of up to 3 hours.

The requirements for these systems are specified in DIN VDE 0558-507. The HospEC® systems of the BPS series fulfil these requirements in their entirety.

HospEC®-BSV (BPS) 230 for AC voltage consumers

  • rated output voltage: 230/400 V
  • rated power (depending on type): 5 … 80 kVA
  • functional and capacity testing with energy recovery
  • inverter with switchover device
  • display of all measured values ​​and messages in clear text
  • integrated electronic reporting and test system

HospEC®-BSV (BPS) OPL for operating lights

  • power supply (depending on type) 230/400V AC
  • maximum lamp power 430 … 4180 W (larger on request)
  • maximum number of OR controllers: 8 (larger systems on request)
  • continuous monitoring of each operating room light outgoing circuit
  • outgoing circuits with and without a clocked buck converter
  • clocked output regulators for stable burn voltages
  • adjustable voltage drops per operating room light with overvoltage protection circuit and soft start

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