IT system distributions

IT system distribution boards for areas in group 2

GIV distribution boards of group 2, for operating rooms and intensive care units, are equippedGIV
with the protective measure “protective insulation with
insulation monitoring” (IT system).
For fast fault detection at the occurrence of the first fault, these should additionally be equipped with an insulation fault detection system. (Recommendation)

The IT system distribution boards are standardised but can be compiled by the modular design according to the project-specific requirements.

A separately terminated area in the distribution system for the IT system isolating transformer ensures optimum heat conditions and maximum contact safety.

The IT system distribution board is equipped as a standard with:

  • Switchover and monitoring device of the series UEI-710
  • IT isolating transformers of the series TRAK Standard or TRAK ECO
  • 2-pole fuse protection

Possible additional features are:

  • Bypass device with separate supply switches
  • Insulation fault detection system with IFS-710-W6
  • Digital input/output devices of the series MPM

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